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RE: FW: Follow up: 2.1.4, solaris 8, fails to start

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From: Philip Brown [mailto:phil@bolthole.com]

your life will be simpler if you recompile db-4.0.14 after 
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
After all, all the freeunixen install it that way also.

Andrew> I've been trying to keep each bit as close to its own defaults as I
can.  I may have to try that, though.  I'll probably try downgrading gcc to
2.95 first before I start changing prefixes.  (There was just a complaint on
the cyrus-imap list that /usr/local libs and includes were automatically
included, whether or not you wanted them.  Not only that, but it ignored
regular --with flags.  *sigh*)

> 2) crle seems to be setup correctly (below).

Messing with crle has gotten many people into permenant trouble.
You would have been better off setting LD_RUN_PATH before compiling all
involved libraries.

export LD_RUN_PATH=/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/ssl/lib

Andrew> That's a good idea.  I got spoiled with ldconfig on linux, and I've
been trying to make crle to do my bidding.  I'm not sure that it's helped,

Andrew Diederich