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Re: Mysql as a backend for LDAP

On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 10:25 PM, Adam Williams wrote:

Yes, but you don't want to. Why does everyone keep thinking using an
RDBMS as a backend to LDAP is a good idea? And mysql no less... I
might be able to understand Oracle, DB2, etc... If you don't understand
why this is a terrible idea please go read the FAQ entry about this.

I'm pretty sure that its NOT a good idea after reading that FAQ, but i'm stuck with data in a mysql database and I need to be able to use the opendirectory (aka Ldap) in OS X to authenticate against this data...unless anyone has a a better idea of how to populate an ldap server with data from a mysql database and keep them reasonably in sync (ie 12 hours behind password changes is fine, a week isn't!)