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Re: Mysql as a backend for LDAP

>>...  Why does everyone keep thinking using an
>> RDBMS as a backend to LDAP is a good idea?  And mysql no less...  I
>> might be able to understand Oracle, DB2, etc...  If you don't understand
>> why this is a terrible idea please go read the FAQ entry about this.
>Tried to do this.  Search of faqs for keyword mysql failed.


You want to look for references to back-sql.  back-sql uses ODBC so the
actual RDBMS used matters little, so long as a Linux port of the ODBC
driver exists (most do). 

>Search of faqs for keyword rdbms yielded two entries, one of which
>I think is the one you refer to.  Would be nice if it were easier
>for newbies to follow your pointer.

There is very little to no decent documentation on back-sql, possibly
due to the fact that it is still evolving.

I have some little documentation and schema diagram in my LDAP
presentation -