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RE: variations on required software for openldap

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> Besides the required software in section 4.2 of the
> Administrator's guide,
> what software is required for building openldap?  (The software in 4.2
> listed is openSSL, Kerberos, SASL, Berkeley DB, Threads, and
> TCP Wrappers.
> I think only berekeley and threads are required.)
> I'm asking since I've run into the problem that the 'make
> test' tests need
> GNU diff, not solaris diff.  So, I'm wondering what other
> software needs the
> GNU versions rather than the platform-specific versions.

We should probably patch the tests to use "diff -c" or otherwise not require
GNU diff.
> Things that jump out as possible are gcc (obviously), make,
> diff, patch, and
> libtool.  Does anyone know if these GNU versions are requred?
>  In my case,
> I'm already using gcc, but I haven't been using these other GNU tools.

GCC is not required. On systems that provide their own ANSI-C compiler, the
native compiler is usually preferred. libtool is generated by the configure
process, so it's not an external requirement. (Unless you want dynamic module
support, which requires the libltdl that is part of libtool.) patch is not
used anywhere in the package, but it's a handy tool to have in general. GNU
make is not required, although Gmake 3.79.1 is nice if you have a
multiprocessor machine and want to do parallel builds. (3.79 uses the
parallel job management that I devised; the "-j" flag was pretty useless in
older versions.)

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