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posixGroup & adressbook

Hi OpenLDAP'ers,

We use OpenLDAP 2.0.25 on Debian Linux 3.0 for an organisation wide adressbook 
and unix logins. We are finetuning our setup and encountered a
problem. I'll appreciate your comments, how to solve the problem. 

The objectclass "posixGroup" use the attribute "cn", so that we get
a naming problem for the RDN and unixgroupname. 

All preferred mailclients (Netcape/Mozilla/Pine) search for cn
entries, so that all unix groups are shown for the client. 
This short name is not very informative for an enduser.
(for example: "bachelor02" instead of "List of all bachelor students

If we add another "cn" entry, every mailclient behaves differently,
netscape use the second entry, pine the first ... not very

I would prefer a server side solution.

Any hints?

One idea I have, is to use a new objectclass with one attribute
(addonGroup/groupName) which every group will include. 
Then I could patch nss_ldap to search for "groupName" instead of
"cn". (necessary modifications to nss-ldap, seems to be very small) 

But I don't know if this will break anything else.

thanks in advance for any response.


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