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RE: BUG: tests/scripts/defines.sh has bad DIFF line

I'll grab that from sunfreeware, then.  I know the GNU tools are almost
always better than the standard solaris ones, but it's a little hokey to
require this one.  

Hmm, what other gnu tools are required?  ld?  make?  I've been trying to use
the solaris tools whenever possible, but I may have to change strategy here.
I know when building postfix that Weitse Venema prefers the solaris tools
(minus gcc).

Andrew Diederich

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Try to build a GNU diff from
and try again.
Or download a diffutils package from http://sunfreeware.com/.


On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Andrew Diederich wrote:

> I've spent some time with the test scripts in tracking down my problems.
> looks like the tests/scripts/defines.sh has an incorrect diff line.  I
> this when running 'make test' on 2.1.4, and it failed on test001-slapadd
> (diff: illegal option --u)
> diff on solaris does not have the -u option.  diff on my SuSE box does,
> it's for unified diff output.
> The line is 43, and looks like: DIFF="diff -iu"
> The defines.sh is in the original tar file, and is not generated with
> ./configure.  It doesn't fix my problem in running tests with 2.1.4 or
> (and .4 even core dumps), but it is a bug.  (I tried just removing the u,
> but of course the script really expects it.)
> --
> Andrew Diederich