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RE: Follow up: 2.1.4, solaris 8, fails to start

I'm trying to build again, this time dropping the ldbm stuff.  Because I
can't get any worse right now, I'm also trying --with-tls --enable-wrappers.
(I already put tcp wrappers and openssl on the box).  We'll see how that


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Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 12:12
To: Andrew Diederich
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Subject: RE: Follow up: 2.1.4, solaris 8, fails to start

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Andrew Diederich wrote:

> So far:
> I've been running the berkeley db tests all night, and they haven't found
> any issues yet.  So, I'm guessing that it wasn't a bad berekely build.
> Looking through my notes, I've had less success with the tests after
> --enable-ldbm -with-ldbm-api=berkeley.  I see that ldbm isn't on by
> with configure, but bdb (Berkeley DB backend) is.  I don't really
> the difference.
> In my openldap 1.2.7 box, I have a "database ldbm" line.  In my initial
> configuring and building of 2.1.[4|5], I have a database bdb line instead.
> What's the difference to me, especially if I go and make berkeley the ldbm
> api?

bdb is a new and recommended backend type.  'make test' seems to want
ldbm.  If you are not going to use ldbm backend type, you can remove it
from the build.

Openldap 2.1.5 and both berkeley 4.0.14 and 4.1.24 build fine on Solaris 8
and 9 (Sparc).  I use gcc 2.95.3.  Unfortunately, I do not know why you
are not able to succefully build the latest version of openldap.  :(