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RE: Follow up: 2.1.4, solaris 8, fails to start

So far:

I've been running the berkeley db tests all night, and they haven't found
any issues yet.  So, I'm guessing that it wasn't a bad berekely build.

Looking through my notes, I've had less success with the tests after
--enable-ldbm -with-ldbm-api=berkeley.  I see that ldbm isn't on by default
with configure, but bdb (Berkeley DB backend) is.  I don't really understand
the difference.

In my openldap 1.2.7 box, I have a "database ldbm" line.  In my initial
configuring and building of 2.1.[4|5], I have a database bdb line instead.
What's the difference to me, especially if I go and make berkeley the ldbm

Andrew Diederich