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Follow up: 2.1.4, solaris 8, fails to start

I've been running the berkeley tests for an hour or so, and they seem to be
ok.  I'll let them run overnight, anyway.  The docs say it can run for hours
or days, depending on the goodness of your computer.

I'll try more recompiles of openldap 2.1.5 tommorow.

Has anyone been able to run openldap 2.1.5 with gcc 3.2, berkeley db 4.0.14?
I don't mind breaking new ground, I'd just like to know.

Andrew diederich

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From: Andrew Diederich [mailto:andrew@NETdelivery.com]

After a make distclean, and folowed Igor's instructions, I still fail on
test two (results at end of reply).  Let me think out loud here, and see if
someone can pick up what I'm missing.

1) I only have one BDB on the system.  It's a fresh Netra T1, and I'm the
only one who has logged in.  I did a search for db.h (figuring that would be
a good way to check).

find / -name db.h 2>/dev/null

The openwin stuff isn't near my path.

2) crle seems to be setup correctly (below).

3) I didn't run tests on db 4.0.14, since it needs tcl.  I'm going to bite
the bullet, install tcl 8, and try to run those tests.

4) My path / variables seem to be correct.  Stuff built before, and the only
changes from yesterday were some slight LD variable changes, plus the
--with-ldbm type options in ./configure.  I think I'll test variations on
that, too, like not forcing bdb, and maybe not --with-ldbm.

Thanks for the continuing help!

Andrew Diederich