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Re: Configuring dual root service

At 12:04 PM 2002-09-25, Rick van Rein wrote:
>I am currently setting up LDAP with an aliased base; the base DNs are
>        o=OpenFortress,c=nl
>        dc=openfortress,dc=nl
>Just keeping everybody happy; and so far, it's all fine.
>A problem occurs when I need to refer "up".
>Queries for c=nl or c=xx should go to ldap.surfnet.nl, who handle c=xx.
>Queries for dc=nl or dc=xxx should go to root.openldap.org.
>I can imagine setting up a last backend to mimic root.openldap.org:
>        backend dnssrv
>        suffix dc=nl
>        suffix dc=com
>        suffix dc=org
>        suffix dc=us
>        ...
>and so on, for a long while; then if no dc=xx ending is found, a normal
>referral could go to ldap.surfnet.nl to handle X.500 queries.
>But this feels weird.  I must be doing something wrong.
>Or did I hit a brick wall?  If so, I've got some ideas to resolve it.

You might try:

referral ldap://ldap.surfnet.nl

backend dnssrv
suffix ""