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Openldap 2.1.5 objectClass inetOrgPerson and account

With 2.0.23 I was able to create uid=...,ou=People records containing both objectClass inetOrgPerson, as well as objectClass account.

When I tried to migrate my data from 2.0.25 to 2.1.5 using slapcat/slapadd, I got the following errormessage:

slapadd: dn="uid=mrtg,ou=People,dc=garching,dc=physik,dc=uni-muenchen,dc=de" (line=30): (65) invalid structural object class chain (organizationalPerson/account)

Most attributes in account objectClass are not of much use for us, except the host attribute probably, as we may use it to restrict access to some hosts.

So my question: Is this correct behavior of openldap 2.1.5 ?

Klaus Steinberger

Klaus Steinberger         Maier-Leibnitz Labor
Phone: (+49 89)289 14287  Am Coulombwall 6, D-85748 Garching, Germany
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