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RE: Can I query using ADSI

Dear M. Muller,

Thanks for the reply. I will go for that book.
Any other resource where I will get to see some readymade code. Please
guide. Thanks.

Pravin Joshi

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My COM-Components book from Addison Wesley states that it is possible.
I didn't try it.
I suspect that TLS will not work, butt ssh might if you tunnel it. Or move
to IPSec.
Hope this gave some help,
M. Müller

> I am extrmly new to this OpenLDAP world. I wish to know Can I query
> using ADSI? My requirement is just to authenticate, whether user exisst or
> not. The input will be server name, domain name, user name and password.
> Optionally the input may also include ounit and port also. I also wish to
> query using SSL or TSL.
> Nice examples could really help me. Thanks in advance.