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Re: Objectclass inheritance mechanism in queries doesn't seem to work (ITS#2053)

Le 2002-08-29 08:59 (jeudi), Kurt D. Zeilenga a écrit / 
On 2002-08-29 08:59 (jeudi), Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote :
> A fix for this has been committed to the HEAD branch.

The fix is now in 2.1.5, thank you :-)

But there are questions that still bothers me :
Didn't anybody in the OpenSource community use this aspect of the LDAP
object model before ? Was this feature implementation just missing from
the start of OpenLDAP ? Or was it working sometime in the past and it
stops working some time ago ?

To prevent future users to miss this object oriented feature, I suggest
to add some information about it in the OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide :

So the following paragraph could be added to the '' section :

  « Thanks to the LDAP object model, since myPerson inherits from the
    inetOrgPerson object class, myPerson entries in an OpenLDAP directory
    can be returned from any (objectclass=inetOrgPerson) or even
    (objectclass=person) queries. »


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