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Re: replication Slave=>Master

At 08:02 AM 2002-09-19, Jean-Michel Lambert wrote:
>sorry, this questions is perhaps already on this mailing list.......
>i have two servers used for replication.
>when i create a objetc on the slave, this object is immediatly replicated on the master, but i have to access write to all on the master. "access to * by * write" !!!!!!!
>What is the good access directive to avoid this, please .....

 From what I gather, you are using ldapmodify(1) with -C to
modify an entry and relying on it to chase the modify
to the master.  Presently -C chasing is anonymous and
hence should not be used.  Instead, either manually
chase the request to the master or use another client
which provides secure re-authentication.