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Re: Performance with OpenLDAP 2.0.26 and Samba

On Sun, 22 Sep 2002, root wrote:

> I hope this is not too much off topic. I think the coexistence of Samba
> and OpenLDAP is subject. For a school in Germany I set up OpenLDAP with
> Samba as a PDC. The Performance seemed to be fine at first. But now I
> noticed that about every 90 minutes, when the next lesson begins and
> ~160 User log in, the server's CPU gets 100% loaded for periods of
> several seconds.
> I noticed that slapd gets called for every "net use L:
> \\myserver\myShare". I assume that samba binds with the ldap to see if
> the user has the appropriate rights (groups etc). That would be 160
> Users * 10 Binds. Has anyone experienced equal problems?

Two lookups going on here if you are using "encrypt passwords" in 

  1) lookup sambaAccount information
  2) UNIX credentials via NSS

smbd currently has no real connection management when connecting to the 
LDAP server.  This means that at every query of (1), smbd will re-open 
a new connection to the ldap server.  Not great I agree and I'm assuming 
that my memory is correct here.  Someone should verify in the source.

> My indices:
> index   sn,uid,mail             eq,sub
> index   objectClass             pres,eq
> index   uidNumber,gidNumber,rid eq

Indexes look right for smbd's searches.

Now, i'm off before Kurt nails me for talking about Samba too much :-)

cheers, jerry
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