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Re: Performance with OpenLDAP 2.0.26 and Samba

>>>and ~160 User log in, the server's CPU gets 100% loaded for periods of
>>>several seconds.
>>>I noticed that slapd gets called for every "net use L:
>>Do you have nscd running?  You should.
>I didn't. Now I do.
>That seems to help. After just 15 Minutes of the beginning of a new starting
>lesson, the nscd --statistic shows me 968 positiv cache hits on passwd
>>>My indices:
>>>index   sn,uid,mail             eq,sub
>>>index   objectClass             pres,eq
>>>index   uidNumber,gidNumber,rid eq
>>Index memberuid and cn (assuming your group names are stored as "cn" of
>>the posixgroup object and your members are in memberuid)
>I did that as well, but I am not shure if it helps. I have the feeling that
>it doesn't.

I don't know if Samba queries that directly, it probably goes through
NSS, in which case nscd will help with group membership lookups.

>>>The Server has enough RAM (1GB) but CPU is short (1GHz PIII).
>>Should be plenty.  My DSA/PDC is a Ppro200 w/384Mb and it handles ~150
>>users without breaking stride.
>My user-base is a bit larger (4500 and such quite small AFAIK). Is it just
>that up 100 user log in simultaneously.

Yep, my user base is smaller, about 200.  But at 8:00am every week day
150 log in at the same time.

>I still have periods of up to ten seconds (formerly 40) that my server is
>100%busy. MS reports a slow server and discontinues to connect some drives.
>Especially the "home" drive is concerned. I can't see any reason.
>First I let nscd do some work and do some more analyzing, maybe the problem
>is solved by now.

With a user base that large you may want to increase the number of nscd
threads and the cache sized, particularly group if you use groups to do
access control to shares.  

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