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Re: problems traversing a distributed tree

Ace Suares (ace@suares.com) wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Ace,

> what suffix do you have for the three subordinate databases ?

That was the problem, I had the top level suffix. I changed it, and now
the refs work fine.

> and, have you checked (for instance by viewing the actual databases 
> with less or an editor) if the entires are really distributed over 
> all those databases ?
> I am asking this because it happened to me that somehow all the 
> entries got into the main database at some point...

I just looked at the database files, and it seems that it happened to me

>From the "top" database directory:

$ strings * | grep -i jacksonm  

dn: uid=jacksonm, ou=accounts, dc=peelo ,dc=com
cn: jacksonm                    
homeDirectory: /home/jacksonm

>From the "accounts" directory:

$ strings * | grep -i jacksonm  

dn: uid=jacksonm,ou=accounts,dc=peelo,dc=com
uid: jacksonm                   
homeDirectory: /home/jacksonm

What to do about this? Or is this expected behavior?