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Re: LDAP_PARAM_ERROR sometimes under multithread environment

At 07:38 PM 2002-09-19, rainday wrote:
>I have an application which needs to add entries to LDAP.If I use single thread,then everything is OK.But if I use multithread to access LDAP,it will popup error "LDAP_PARAM_ERROR" sometimes.
>For example,I have entris "c=CN","o=SSTech,c=CN","ou=Develop,o=SSTech,c=CN" in my ldap server already.Everytime, I add entries such as "cn=a,ou=Develop,o=SSTech,c=CN","cn=b,ou=Develop,o=SSTech,c=CN" to ldap.If I use multithread to do that,sometimes I get such logs from my application as below:
>search [ou=Develop,o=SSTech,c=CN] failed,error=89;
>search [o=SSTech,c=CN] failed,error=89;
>search [c=CN] failed,error=89;
>Who can tell me how this happen? Why multithread operation cause such problem? And how to solve it?

Maybe you are not properly serializing operations....