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RE: could not find suitable LDBM backend

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>> fre, 2002-09-20 kl. 08:19 skrev Keith Mastin:
>> > WTF? Looks to me like db-4 isn't properly included...
>That's because your BerkeleyDB 4 isn't properly installed. Until you type
>"make install" it isn't installed. Read the docs in your source directory or
>on the web:

Thanks Howard. I *_thought_* those docs didn't mention make install. I see 
it now, guess I was wrong. My bad. I have now uninstalled db-4 and 
installed db-3.3.11. Compatability, right?

>> > What file should I specifically be trying to locate, and how do
>> I properly
>> > set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CPPFLAGS to point to it?
>LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS for the build. LD_LIBRARY_PATH is for runtime.
>Note in this FAQ article:

Another my bad... so this time I did "env CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include 
LD_FLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib ./configure"... guess what? Same problem. I got 
this command from the FAQ at 

Also grepping for the version string obtains the same results. I'm getting 
pretty much to the end of my rope with this. (must be the full moon) 

Thanks for the response.    :)
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