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RE: Problems with OpenLDAP 2.1.4 and Kerberos


Setting the debug flag to -1 didn't appears to increase the output.
Thanks for the information concerning the "-I" flag. I was under a
different impression from the LDAP-Kerberos HOWTO.

Could this be an issue with our Active Directory setup? I'm intrigued by
the suggestion concerning the ldap/host@realm ticket (basically, I'm
grasping at straws).

Also, does anyone know how to better troubleshoot the SASL libraries? I
again tried the sample programs included with SASL v2, and they appeared
to work fine. Of course, this was when connecting to a UNIX server, not
a W2K server.


Anthony Brock
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George Fox University

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The "-I" flag is superfluous for the GSSAPI mechanism, all the relevant
information comes from your Kerberos credentials.

Setting your debug level up to -1 may show you more about what SASL is
I don't recall where the SASL log is directed at the moment.

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