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RE: Problems with OpenLDAP 2.1.4 and Kerberos

I'm not attempting cross-realm trusts. I just want to connect to the AD
with a Kerberized UNIX client.

We did run kinit first, and successfully received the ticket. I can then
use that ticket to telnet to another MIT Kerberized UNIX machine (in the
AD Realm) and it will successfully authenticate me.


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Are you trying to use cross-realm trusts?  Did you run kinit to get the 
user's TGT first?  I've got this working on a testbed runnin at home.

btw...going the other way has proven impossible so far....
Using a cross-realm trust to access OpenLDAP in a MIT Krb5 realm 
from a Win2k client in the trusted AD realm.

cheers, jerry
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