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I'm interested in talking to anybody who has successfully used the
OpenLDAP client library to open SSL protected sessions to an IBM
SecureWay LDAP server, particularly if it works from a Solaris box.

My installation works in non-SSL mode both with SecureWay and several
other LDAP servers, and in SSL mode with at least one other LDAP server,
but not in SSL mode with SecureWay.  I'd almost suspect something
subtly wrong with my local gen, except that the "ldapsearch" from
the Apple MacOSX 10.2 version of OpenLDAP (best guess - 2.0.x?)
fails with this server in exactly the same way.

My setup is OpenSSL 0.9.6e and OpenLDAP 2.1.4 on Solaris.  Server
seems to drop the connection right after (or in last stages of) a
secure bind.  Interestingly enough, an OpenSSL s_client connect to
port 636 of the server also seems to drop the connection as soon as
you type "foo bar bletch" at it, while the server that works fine
just seems to ignore input till you kill s_client?  Does this sound
like it might be a problem with my OpenSSL gen?


Charles B. (Ben) Cranston