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Re: Whats up with SUP?

From: Stephan Siano <stephan.siano@suse.de>
> On Dienstag, 17. September 2002 22:23, wiz ball wrote:
>> $ ldapsearch -x uid=john uid
>> dn: uid=john,dc=people,dc=foo,dc=com
>> uid: john
>> ccUid: zjohn
>> I thought that using SUP was just a clever way to not having to
>> specify the same SYNTAX and SUBSTR over and over again.
> Well SUP actually means "ccUid is also a kind of uid and behaves
> like that", so the uid filter in your query returns the uid and the
> ccUid (which is also a uid).
>> If this is the way it should be -- are there any other
>> issues/symptoms I > should be aware of?
> Well "ldapsearch -x uid=zjohn uid" would return the same result.

Are you certain? I cant test that right now unfortunately, but
wouldn't that introduce a number of issues if one person has
ccUid=john and uid=zjohn?

For instance, lets say I want to find the user with "ldapsearch -x
uid=john". I would get back something like this:

dn: uid=john,dc=people,dc=foo,dc=com
uid: john
ccUid: zjohn

dn: uid=zjohn,dc=people,dc=foo,dc=com
uid: zjohn
ccUid: john

Which is not really what I expected, and would (methink) break
Basic-Authentication horrible!