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Re: French character use in user defined Attribut or Class name

Le 2002-09-18 16:26 (mercredi), Jimmy Beaulieu/ssigri/sct a écrit / 
On 2002-09-18 16:26 (mercredi), Jimmy Beaulieu/ssigri/sct wrote :
>      - Does openldap or ldap in general support french or internationnal
> character in user defined Attribut and class???

Yes it supports latin characters through the use of UTF-8. 
And UTF-8 is part of the LDAP standard.

>      - If it does: How can it be done??

For first populating directories I use the following command lines in bash scripts :

$ iconv --from-code "ISO-8859-1" --to-code "UTF-8" --output file.encoded.ldif file.ldif
$ slapadd -v -l file.encoded.ldif

So as you see the solution is to use the iconv converter.

It is also possible to use libraries that handle those issues for you.

Anyway I have use French with no problem for developing and deploying
LDAP based applications.


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