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Re: Write-intensive LDAP

tir, 2002-09-17 kl. 19:42 skrev Booker C. Bense:

> - Read the protocol more closely. There is no support for transactions
> or locking. You will have a hard time building a robust system with
> lot's of writes without those primatives. Any system that writes
> extensively to LDAP needs to support a complete rollback/queueing
> implementation outside of the protocol. Speed is not the problem,
> consistancy is what will bite you in the long run. LDAP works fine
> for WIRM applications ( write infrequently read many), it breaks
> horribly for write intensive applications.

This hasn't got much to do with the protocol IMHO, everything to do with
the choice of database. BDB 4.0.14 does, indeed, have fine-grained
locking and transactional (roll-back) logging.

I can completely rebuild my Openldap 2.1.14 database from the latest
(db_checked) log file and nothing else - nuts to those who think that
slapcat and slapadd are sufficient for making backups.

And 2.1.14 is umpteen times as fast as 2.1.13, too.

For that matter, at least at the last telling, MySQL doesn't have
transactional logging, so what?




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