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Re: Changing an openLDAP schema programatically

akpan Zouk wrote:
Hello all,

I just joined the group. I searched the archives but
didn't find a solution to my problem. Apologies if it has been
discussed. Here is the problem:

I have an objectclass thus defined in local.schema
objectclass ( NAME 'newObjectClass' SUP top STRUCTURAL
MUST ( cn )

I would like to add attributes to this objectclass,
but the names of the attributes are known at run-time; i.e. I don't know
the names of the attributes when I am creating the above objectclass. I
would there like to change this definition at run time. Does openLDAP
support this capability?

You don't say which version you're running, but AFAIK no it does not. SunONE/iPlanet/Netscape directory server does. John