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LDAP delete, DN with quotes in it.

I've got some DN's with double quotation marks in them.  The command-line
ldapdelete, as well as ldapmodify, give similar results:

  $ ldapmodify -H ldap://ldapserver:1389/ -D "[rootdn]" -w [password]
  dn: dn: cn=j"b091, ou=Fort Lauderdale,ou=et,o=AII,c=US
  modifytype: delete
  modifying entry "dn: cn=j"b091, ou=Fort Lauderdale,ou=et,o=AII,c=US"
  ldap_modify: Invalid DN syntax
          additional info: invalid DN

  ldif_record() = 34

I've tried several variations of an escaped DN, but I can't seem to find
the right magic.  Does anyone have a clue on this?