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Re: Suggest slapd loglevel

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:06:45 -0500 (CDT)
Caylan Van Larson <caylan@cs.und.edu> wrote:

> I thought this orginally because or IMAP daemon kept issuing
> requests for uid=imapshared (and imappublic).  This was associated
> whenever mail was being checked from a client.  I added the users
> imapshared/imappublic into the local passwd file on the mail server
> and immediately there were no more requests hitting the ldap
> server(s).  This did not fix the intermitent crashes.


> > Just to check: have you tried dumping and reloading the master
> > from ldif?  Are you building the replicas from ldif or trying to
> > copy the same databases from the master?

> No, I am afraid to.  Is this just as easy as running slapcat dumping
> to file and turning off ldap, deleting the db files and then running
> slapadd?

Yes.  What I like to do is take a full ldif dump, load it it into
another instance of the directory on the same system (but in another
part of the filesystem) and copy the files over to the original

Generally one would move the old files out of the way rather than
overwriting or deleting them so that if something went wrong, a revert
is easy.

Note that you will need to be careful about setting the directory
readonly and/or stopping slurpd so you can track the modifies easier.
You won't want to lose data changed after the dump and before the
newly loaded db's are in use.

Another nice thing you can do if you load the directory in an alt
location is to just start it up from that alt location, perhaps on a
different port so you can do basic sanity checks first.

If you can't get an LDIF file (from slapcat or ldapsearch
... '(objectclass=*)' '*' '+'), AND rebuild a working directory server
from that ldif file, you might really have a problem as far as
catastrophic recovery scenarios go...  (how) are you doing backups?

> > Does it crash on searches not involving uid?  Or involving uid and
> > not objectclass?

> I am not successfull in reproducing the crahes :(

Or rather your problem is the crash keeps happening but you haven't
been able to isolate the conditions.

> > If you set up a clean independent slapd elsewhere with only that
> > object, do you get the same problem?  If so, that's a very
> > interesting object.

> I dont have the time to do this one.  I dont think it would help me
> solve my problem.

The idea was if it were the same object each time, perhaps there was
something peculiar on the object that was revealing a bug otherwise

> I know of the numbers but I was wondering if someone had any experience 
> with getting "good" crash related information out of the logs.

I should have asked before, but what versions of openldap, db libs,
etc are you using?  What OS and build environment?  (If linux, which
gcc, which glibc?)

Matthew Backes