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Re: [Fwd: RE: LDAPS: What am I doing wrong?]

Thanks to Howard and yourself for helping me sort this out.


On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 17:46, Dinesh Salegame wrote:
> Brian,
> The verify errror you are getting is because the server certificate has to be
> signed by a root CA (which is a self signed certificate). Unless this
> certificate chain is verified by the client you will get an error. The link
> which was mentioned in Mr Howard's mail should help you generate a root CA and
> use that to sign the server certificate.
> Refer to the openldap administrator guide (this has been updated with TLS
> configuration information).
> You can also refer this link if you have any further questions regarding the
> general  procedures for generating certificates:
> http://www.binarytool.com/docs/ssl-cert-HOWTO.html
> dinesh