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Re: Ldap Crashing

Glenn Tegeder:
> Ldap List,
>      I have been having a problem with slapd crashing after about a day or 2. 
> It seems to be directly related to the amount of files that are open.  When
> ldap and skyrixgreen the web interface are restarted it seems to work fine. 
> Stating that slapd has about 200 or 300 files open.  This number climbs steady
> throughout the day until it reaches around 35,000 at which time the server will
> stop functioning.  lsof | grep -c slapd is the command I've used to check the
> number of files but I'm new to linux administration so I'm not sure how to find
> out more about the files.  Has anyone experienced this before and if so what
> seemed to be the solution.  How might I get a more in depth look at the open
> files that aren't being closed?

You need to increase the max number of open files for your Linux kernel. 
See section 8.14 of the Linux Kernel-HOWTO.

echo 65535 > /proc/sys/fs/file-max
(also put this into your rc.local or something as it will be reset at

Best regards

Bjørn Ove Grøtan
IT-dept. Norwegian University of Technology and Science