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Ldap Crashing

Ldap List,

I have been having a problem with slapd crashing after about a day or 2. It seems to be directly related to the amount of files that are open. When
ldap and skyrixgreen the web interface are restarted it seems to work fine. Stating that slapd has about 200 or 300 files open. This number climbs steady
throughout the day until it reaches around 35,000 at which time the server will
stop functioning. lsof | grep -c slapd is the command I've used to check the
number of files but I'm new to linux administration so I'm not sure how to find
out more about the files. Has anyone experienced this before and if so what
seemed to be the solution. How might I get a more in depth look at the open
files that aren't being closed?

Thank you,

Glenn Tegeder, Tech Support Specialist
585-394-8260 x316
4595 Route 21 North
Canandaigua, NY  14424