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Re: DNSSRV (was: Splitting directory over backends)

Hoi Michael,

> Just curious: How many domains have a SRV RR _ldap._tcp.<domain> so that 
> it's worth thinking about offloading root.openldap.org?

Not sure, but the concept has a potential to grow -- it's so lovely.
If I understand it well, VeriSign is trying to mimick root.openldap.org?

In general, it seems useful to offload Internet connections if that's an
easy configuration choice (which it is, starting with OpenLDAP 2.1.5 or so,
as Howard pointed out).  And in general, it's good practice in distributed
computing to avoid anything central, if possible.  And it is possible.

Those are my thoughts in a bit more detail.

Rick van Rein,