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Splitting directory over backends


Would it be possible to configure OpenLDAP such that it supports the
separation of one tree over multiple backends?  For instance,

	                             dc=com => backend-dnssrv
	                  dc=example,dc=com => backend-ldbm
	         ou=Sales,dc=example,dc=com => backend-sql
	ou=ProductCatalog,dc=example,dc=com => backend-ldbm
	                    dc=other,dc=com => backend-ldbm

The idea would be to make sales in progress viewable, and access an SQL
database for it; while the static product catalog would be stored in LDBM,
along with the rest of the domain.

The fallback to the DNSSRV backend would be a similar thing; supporting it
locally could be useful to offload the root.openldap.org service and
provide quicker service to internal users.

I know that LDAP allows all this.  But can I tweak/convince OpenLDAP about
such general/weird schemes?  Wouldn't be the first time OpenLDAP is more
flexible than what appears from reading the online docs.


Rick van Rein.