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Re: NFS with OpenLDAP [different topic, similar question]

What about this idea, instead:

1. Export slapd.conf.

2. Run a slave on the failover server so that the db files will be local.

3. Create a cron job that restarts the failover server as master using the nfs mounted slapd.conf

Chuck Pierce wrote:
Similar topic, different question; just no nfs.

Say I have shared disk between two servers.  If one server fails, the other
server picks up the disks (and starts slapd).  Would that cause data
corruption problems?  Would it be better to run slarpd and have the
secondary (standby) server change from the slave to the master?

Also, if I do use a slave server, and the slave server goes down.  How to
I ensure that the slave it "up to date" when I bring it back online?  Do
I need to copy the database from the master to the slave, or does slarpd
take care of it for me?

- Chuck