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cygwin and porting openldap to Windows 2000

I am trying to get OpenLDAP running under Cygwin but am having some difficulties.
I have Cygwin up and running successfully. I have followed the OpenLDAP FAQ-0-matic notes for porting to Cygwin which basically involves the following steps:

Update C Translator

Download and install latest GCC 2.95 package:


Add a POSIX regex library

CYGWIN is does not ship with a POSIX regex library.
Fetch and install one.

One solution is to download and install GNU regex 0.12 (ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/regex/regex-0.12.tar.gz).

Compile regex.o:

  % ./configure
  % make

Construct a library containing regex.o:

  $ ar ru libgnuregex.a regex.o

Copy regex.h into the the Cygwin include directory. Copy libgnuregex.a into the Cygwin lib directory.


 After installing POSIX regex, you can successfully run configure!

  $ LIBS=-lgnuregex ./configure --disable-ldbm --enable-ldap \
       --enable-passwd --enable-shell




I have installed regex.h into /cygwin/usr/include and libgnuregex.a into /cygwin/lib. I ran the the configuring script by cd-ing to the installation directory of regex.0.

When I follow the FAQ-o-matic quick start guide I get the following alert when running ./configure

 Conftest.exe - Entry Point not found. Proceedure entry point shmat could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.

After making dependencies and make, I have run the make test and get the following alert.

 slapd.exe - Entry Point Not Found. Proceedure entry point shmat could not be located in the dynamic link library     cygwin1.dll.

Can anybody help me to fix this? It would be much appreciated.