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RE: Password Expiry/Controls?

Hi Elmo

Don't know if you are using Apache as the web server connecting
through to openldap, but if you are, there is a module called
mod_authz_ldap (http://authzldap.othello.ch/index.html) which not only
includes basic and certificate authentication but also has a password
expiration feature... not sure if that's exactly what you are looking


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Kervin L. Pierre wrote:

> This needs to be handled by the OS.

That would be nice, but we're already using it for 29,000 users in a 
single sign-on solution. This means, that every windoze box is
against it, and email, web portal everything else... it would be nice 
for the OpenLDAP to actually require it. :( Oh, well, back to the 
drawing board. It'll probably mean a java servlet connection pooling
front of the ldap server, having java doing the 'math' for the