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need understanding

Hallo everybody,

I've tried to update replica with ldapadd. It did not work. I was looking in mailing list and found lots about it, besides of understanding how does it really work with replica and what SASL has to do with it. I don't want to start with filling mailing list with messages containing at the moment my zoolgical understanding of how thing working, I will really appriciate if someone explain me what exactly happens when I am trying to update replica, why simple bind does not work (I really don't get why it should not!). For example, I don't understand why when using -C and simple bind updating replica my master slapd thinks that I am trying to bind to it as anonymous (and ldapadd bring me error of sort "authentication required")!!!! I have entered password before! Have someone encountered any step by step description of what openldap client is supposed to do when it is trying to update replica?

Thanx a lot for replies,

Kind regrads, Vadim Tarassov.