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Re: runaway slapd threads

i wonder if the following message about the criteria of slapd
multithreading mechanism has been answered yet. i could not found any
following threads about it. i am also interested in the answer and will
appreciate if someone tells me how.
xuehai zhang

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could be found at 


I am running slapd 2.0.23 (using the Debian sid binary packages), which is
compiled with threads, on Linux 2.4.17. I am confused by slapd's threading

I currently have 34 threads, but I thought that slapd maxed out at 32
threads (I have not changed the threads parameter in
slapd.conf). Furthermore, some of the threads are up to 4 days
old; shouldn't they have been killed off by now?

Could someone please explain the criteria for creating and destroying
slapd threads? Does slapd maintain a pool to threads for re-use?

Is it possible I'm not terminiating unused TCP connections fast
enough? (Do v3 LDAP querries send a FIN packet when done?) If so, is there
some way to tune the kernel to disconnect faster? Or is something else
going on entirely?