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Re: GUI for OpenLDAP

Please see the archives for past discussions on GUIs... Also note
that the FAQ provides a list of GUIs (and other LDAP applications)
at <http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=271>.

No need to rehash old topics...

At 09:46 AM 2002-09-09, Tarassov Vadim wrote:
>Hallo everybody,
>does anyone know any good GUI which one can use with OpenLDAP, should be in Java. I know LDAPBrowser, but I have problems with it when trying to update replica. For example, if I try to delete something in replica master ldap says that I am trying to delete rootdse. I think this should be gui problem, right?

It certainly sounds like a problem with the tool.  Suggest
you contact the maintainer of the tool.