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Re: entry with null rdn

Sorry, meant to mention that I'm running 2.0.25 on SunOS 5.8.  I'll try
rebuilding the indices and see whether that helps.

-- On Sep 7, 11:20am, "Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> Subject: Re: entry with null rdn
> At 10:04 AM 2002-09-05, Andrew Tristan wrote:
> >How do I remove an entry with a null rdn?
> >
> >I have an entry with a dn of 'id=,ou=Persons,dc=ucr,dc=edu'.  When I
> >try to remove this entry, I get,
> >        Delete Result: Unknown error (80)
> >        Additional info: DN index delete failed
> Sounds like a DN normalization or DN indexing bug.  If using
> 2.0, you likely should try 2.0.25 or OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2.  The
> latter support dn2id reindexing via slapindex.  Or, try 2.1.4
> Of course, as the general upgrade mechanism is to rebuild the
> server, you can delete the entry from the LDIF before reloading.
> Kurt
-- End of excerpt from "Kurt D. Zeilenga" --

andrew.tristan@ucr.edu                Unix Systems Group UC, Riverside