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bind problem

i am sorry if my following problem is an old and answered topic.

i wrote a simple client c code to query a server. after ldap_init() and
ldap_simple_bind_s(ld, NULL, NULL), i just issue async queries with
ldap_search() in a for loop for a time limit(the ldap_unbind() only called
at the end of the searching), say several teens of seconds. the code works
well in a single shell. but if i tried to run another instance of the code
in a new shell simultaneously to the same server, the new instance could
not proceed at ldap_simple_bind_s(), and it just hangs there without
reporting any error. the first instance keeps running well.

can someone give me an explain about the binding mechanism of ldap? it
seems to me if an existing, binded connection performs a long-time task
(like the 10 sec's continues queries in my case), a new connection will
have trouble binding the same server unless the old one calls unbind?

thanks a lot for the help.