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Re: entry with null rdn

At 10:04 AM 2002-09-05, Andrew Tristan wrote:
>How do I remove an entry with a null rdn?
>I have an entry with a dn of 'id=,ou=Persons,dc=ucr,dc=edu'.  When I
>try to remove this entry, I get,
>        Delete Result: Unknown error (80)
>        Additional info: DN index delete failed

Sounds like a DN normalization or DN indexing bug.  If using
2.0, you likely should try 2.0.25 or OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2.  The
latter support dn2id reindexing via slapindex.  Or, try 2.1.4

Of course, as the general upgrade mechanism is to rebuild the
server, you can delete the entry from the LDIF before reloading.