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Re: BackUp on-line

fre, 2002-09-06 kl. 16:00 skrev Agustin Torres:

> i have problem, i get a directory service. it run every time every day.

You mean it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> My problem are the BackUp actions. Because the special conditions of the
> service, i cant stop the slapd and slurp and i must do the security
> copies on-line.

You are running a directory database on which you are totally dependant
without having a redundant (extra, idle) server and without being able
to make backups on which you can depend.

> could this copies are bad?

Could be.

> till today i havent need to use it. could have problem at restore?

Could be.

> and if this copies are wrong, are any tool to recover it?

Yes, you pray to your God and he will surely sort things out for you,
when your server has crashed and your backups all turn out to be bad.

> thanks a million

I think it might be be a good idea if you reported what directory server
you are running, the version and what database libraries you are using.

You could probably do worse than point out to your boss (yourself?) that
if things go wrong, he could be in deep trouble (like he could get the
sack or go broke) and it would be "a good thing" to invest in a
redundant server on which you could place a replica of the working
server and of which you could make make regular backups. You could even
try restoring them, to see if it worked or not.




Tony Earnshaw

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