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Re: BackUp on-line

Pseudo code for backup script:

1. Replace the ACLs with some that specify that clients may not add or change data but may read.
2. Restart the server to have the new ACLS take effect.
3. Do your backup.
4. Put the old ACLs back.
5. Restart the server to have the client write privledges restored..

Andrew Bacchi wrote:
As with many databases the service should be stopped before backing up the database. This is to ensure a backup of all data, and prevent any changes being made during the backup process.

By writing a short shell script and running it from cron, you can minimize the time that the service is unavailable to users. You could run this script during the middle of the night, or whenever you decide is the slow period of service.

The process flow should be something like: Stop database, backup files, start database. Not very complicated.

Backup the database files to a temporary directory on the hard disk, then restart the server. You can then copy the temporary directory files to tape, or any other medium. Then delete the temporary directory files, to save space. Even for a large database, the backup to disk should take a very short time.

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Agustin Torres wrote:


i have problem, i get a directory service. it run every time every day. My problem are the BackUp actions. Because the special conditions of the service, i cant stop the slapd and slurp and i must do the security copies on-line.

could this copies are bad? till today i havent need to use it. could have problem at restore?

and if this copies are wrong, are any tool to recover it?

thanks a million

Agustin Torres-Ternero Alvarez