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I know this isn't necessarily the optimum place to post this message,
however Terrence's email account appears to be full!! ;)



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From: Andrew Thomson
To: terrence_miao@email.com
Subject: [Fwd: LDAPExplorer]
Date: 06 Sep 2002 14:52:29 +1000


Hoping you can help me.

Quick question, should it work with OpenLDAP 2.X ??

I currently run an older version of LDAPExplorer against and ldap 1.x
database and it works a treat. However I'm looking to upgrade it to 2.x.

Currently I'm not having much luck running the latest version of
LDAPExplorer (1.17) with Openldap 2.X

I'm also noticing this in the access.log - - [30/Aug/2002:12:02:33 +1000] "GET
/LDAPExplorer/tree.php?host=&port=&basedn=&binddn=&bindpw=&filter=&searchscope= HTTP/1.1" 200 1342

No variables were being passed through.. should they be?

I then get a could contact ldap server in the left frame on the next

This is running on Freebsd 4.6.2, openldap 2.0.25, apache+mod_ssl-1.3.26+2.8.10, mod_php4-4.2.1_3

Thanks a lot,