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Re: AW: Noob configuration issues

tor, 2002-09-05 kl. 11:18 skrev Tarassov Vadim:

> how could you manage to make slapd to log? I use solaris,
>  I wrote in /etc/syslog.conf following:
> local4.*        /var/log/ldap.log

O.k., that's what I do.

> and restarted syslog daemon. Still I don't get any byte
>  in /var/log/ldap.log.

> I run slapd as root, /var/log exists, root may write there,
> in slapd.conf I have
> loglevel -1

O.k. Now just suppose you login as root, and do:


what do you see on your term screen (aka stdout)?
> Am I supposed to have any secret knowledge to make
>  slapd to log?

It isn't so much "secret knowledge" as getting slapd to run in the first
place. It's supposed to run as a daemon, all the time. Without that,
nothing else works :-)




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