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Re: bind.c peername?

Thanks Kurt,

> The Connection structure holds (or holds references to) all the
> information about a connection, including c_peer_name.
That's it!

Adding another push to the perl stack in back-perl/bind.c
did what I was looking for!

XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(newSVpv( conn->c_peer_name.bv_val , conn->c_peer_name.bv_len )));

> Well, the best way would be not to query it directly... but
> to use the access control to check if session is allowed
> access to the attributes (or psuedo attributes) of the entry
> associated with the authentication DN.
Actually I just need the IP within perl bind() to do some
custom logging of who's connecting to what and from where.

Thanks again,