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RE: openldap 2.1.4 fails on solaris (segmentation fault)

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> Hallo again,
> I just could make ldapsearch to work. You guys definitely have a
> bug. Steping through ldap_connect_to_host in
> libraries/libldap_r/os-ip.c
> I noticed that
> hp->h_addr_list[0]
> becomes NULL after executing
> (void)memset((char *)&sin, '\0', sizeof sin);
> Odd enough everything starts to work if you define sin like you
> did it in libraries/libldap/os-ip.c.

In the OpenLDAP build, libraries/libldap_r/os-ip.c is just a symlink to
libraries/libldap/os-ip.c, so any variables are defined exactly alike in both
places. If you see a difference in the code between these two files, perhaps
someone has made some local modifications to your source tree. You should
find out what they changed and why.

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