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RE: basic authentication error against ldap


Thanks for the help, before you emailed me I did some more searching
on the previous emailing lists and ended up finding that "allow bind
v2" myself. Which I duly inserted into slapd.conf and things are now
working. Thanks for the pointer still.

Anyway I was just confused whether I had to not only add that line to
slapd.conf but also rerun the ./configure with whatever option was
needed. Fortunately only the first one was needed.


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From: Adam Williams [mailto:awilliam@whitemice.org]
Sent: 02 September 2002 14:44
To: Jose Correia (J)
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Subject: RE: basic authentication error against ldap

>When you said, refer to the documentation, were you talking about the
>link your provided
>at the bottom? (ftp://ftp.kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf)
>I downloaded the file and couldn't find anything on how to enable

"allow bind_v2"?

Also in man slapd.conf

>>From the bug link below
>"to enable LDAPv2 kbind in HEAD, use env ol_enable_kbind=yes
>Is this it, or does this only apply to the HEAD version, or was it a
>temporary fix at the time?

I'm not certain "kbind" is what you want.

>I did a ./configure --help and the only option I see would be:
>--enable-referrals      enable LDAPv2+ Referrals (experimental) [no]
>what if I don't want Referrals (or is that an integral part of
>ldapV2)? The word "experimental" also worries me a little bit.

I'd go back and read up on referrals a bit.

>Lastly, if I run ./configure again with this option, have I got to
>include all the other options I had included in my previous


>And is there a need to rebuild the database afterwards or
>will that "stick"? :)

Probably not.