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With TLS/SSL passwd and ldappasswd dont work


changed (compiled) my openldap server to use TLS/SSL the nssswitch works 
-id username gives the right infos
-login works with existing users
but changing the password fails with passwd and ldappasswd

a. passwd
-there is no hint (i can see) with debuglevel 768 in the logs. The password 
change seems to be accepted but in the database there is no change.
-strace gives no clue

b. ldappasswd -x -D "lala" -W <username>
-asks for password, but fails wit "invalid credentials"
-ldappasswd is linked against ssl
-"lala" user is double checked with password
-slapd.conf access control says "by * write"

adding users with ldapadd works fine

I dont know where to look anymore help is very much appreciated,